How to Write a Business Plan for Immigration Purposes

The United States is a country of immigrants. People from all corners of the globe help make this nation that we call home simply the greatest place on earth. With each passing year, the immigrant pool grows larger. Some come over to be with family, others come over to study, others will arrive on these shores of ours to find work, while others will come to pursue their dream of being a business owner. If you’re an immigrant looking to start a business, you’re going to need a business plan. The Coley Group is staffed by capable immigration business plan writers who understand the various nuances that come with building a document of this type. It’s a little bit different than other business plans, but just like the others, it’s a necessary component of the success journey!

What is an immigration business plan?

As we said above, an Immigration Business Plan is different from your typical business plan. Inside this document, the business owner has to show that they have the skills necessary to start and sustain a business in the United States. Now, you might be thinking every business plan must show how this is going to be done. That’s true, but in the case of an Immigrant Business Plan, approval or denial of a Visa is in play and that makes being able to present a sound document that outlines your plan for success all the more important. You want to make sure your business plan outlines the economic impact of your venture.

Different Types of Immigration Business Plans

There are several different types of Immigration Business Plans. What follows is a closer look at each of the available options.

E2 Visa Business Plan

The E2 Visa Business Plan is for individuals who are considering a move to the United States to start a business. This plan is reviewed by the United States Citizenry and Immigration Services (USCIS) to make sure the person submitting it has the necessary resources and acumen for a business in the United States. The E-2 Visa lasts for five years and the financial projections within your plan should show how your business will support the staff and create jobs during this period.

When it comes to financials, be realistic and remember in five years, you’re going to be called upon to discuss how your business performed. The performance will directly impact whether or not your E2 Visa is renewed so when it comes to this area, be as detailed and practical as you possibly can without selling your business short.

In terms of operations, you’ll have to show where you own at least a 50% share in the business. You’ll also need to discuss the corporate structure of your business in this section as well as provide a detailed overview of the management team that will be responsible for guiding the venture. In this section, you should also spend time discussing any relevant work experience you bring to this opportunity. Personnel and job creation are other areas that will interest the reviewer. This will give them an idea of the economic impact your business can have so be sure to include this section in the document.

L1 Visa Business Plan

The L1 Visa is for business owners who are considered multinational employers. These persons are looking to transfer employees to the United States from a foreign country. These employees can work in any capacity from managers to executives and beyond. A business plan is not a requirement for this classification but a custom-made immigration business plan can definitely help you show that you’re deserving of the approval you seek.

Documents that must be included with your L1 Visa Business Plan include:

  • Proof that a U.S. presence has been established. This can come in the form of a lease or other documentation that shows you have a physical presence in this country.
  • Financial statements for at least the last three years.
  • Projected domestic organizational chart, showing a clear reporting structure.
  • Documents that outline the corporate structure (Sole proprietor, LLC, Partnership)
  • Resume of the L1 beneficiary and resumes for the entire management team.
  • Parent company documentation showing how the planned domestic office is affiliated with the foreign office.

The executive summary section of the L1 Visa Business Plan must be strong. It should cover when the business was formed, ownership, the good or service being sold, the target market, and how you plan to grow. Include the number of current staff members as well as the projected additions and what their roles will be upon hire. While your financials will be discussed later in the document, you can briefly summarize your projected performance here.

Market research including a competitive analysis will also be needed along with a marketing plan that shows how you’ll reach your target market here in the United States. Financials will wrap up Immigration Business Plan and it’s important to be realistic in this area. Remember, you’re going to have to review these numbers at some point so going too high causes concern in the eyes of your reviewer and can drastically lower your odds of approval.

EB5 Business Plan

If you’re thinking about the EB5 Investor Immigrant visa, there are a few things you should be ready to show. First, you must show that you’ve invested a minimum of $900K in a rural area or an area that has an extremely high unemployment rate. You’ll have to also show that you’ve done the hard work of creating jobs, at least 10 full-time jobs in total. Proving these and other things deemed necessary is going to require a professionally written Immigration Business Plan.

The business plan must have a detailed description of the opportunity while listing out all the assets, services and products, target market, organizational structure, and bios on key personnel. Most important of all, be prepared to show where the investment being made by the owner is at risk. At-risk means showing the investment made by the owner is subject to a loss or gain depending on the performance of the venture. A personnel plan and financial plan must also be included as well as detailed market research. Inside the financial plan, you must be sure to include the 10 full-time jobs that are being projected as this is a key portion of the overall initiative.

E1 Visa Business Plan

An E1 Visa Business Plan is usually the most sought-after for owners looking to do import and export between their country of origin and the United States. The E1 is considered a non-immigrant visa due to the unlimited number of two-year extensions this option offers. While a business plan is not a requirement, it is recommended as it helps prove the applicant’s business case. With that said, we advise hiring a professional capable of delivering a custom-made immigration business plan. This document should at the very least have:

  • Executive Summary that touches on each of the key components of the business.
  • A business description that highlights your products or services.
  • Market analysis that has a competitive overview of each direct competitor.
  • Marketing plan with detailed strategies.
  • Personnel, Operations, and Management plan that gives biographies and resumes of key staff members as well as insights into your operation, and management team.
  • Five years of sound financials.

Writing any Immigration Business Plan by Yourself Can Be Challenging

The grammar and language must be polished and articulate, the research has to be thorough, the business case must be solid, and your plan must show sound financial and growth projections. For this reason, we highly recommend hiring a professional to manage this portion of your project. You only get one chance to make a valuable first impression with the seasoned staff or reviewers who will be making the final approve or decline decision. Hiring a professional capable of presenting your business in a clear, concise fashion increases your chances of success exponentially.

We Help You Reach Your Goals with Immigration Business Plan Writing

The Coley Group is staffed with MBA writers who understand how to build the type of custom-made business plan you’ll need. Our team has written thousands of documents and we understand how to effectively communicate the value of your vision while positioning you and your business for long-term success.

For more information on how we can assist you in this area, please feel free to contact us today to request a business plan quote. A representative will be ready to answer any questions you might have with regards to how we can build your custom-made Immigration Business Plan.