Request For Proposal

Hearing and listening. Some people actually think they’re one and the same, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Hearing is defined as the function of detecting sound. Listening is a little more involved. Listening means hearing something and applying thoughtful attention to it. Hearing and listening are two different terms that are commonly confused, but here’s where the confusion ends, both are important.

When a company or agency of any type issues a Request for Proposal (RFP), it means they want to hear from capable providers like you. They want to know more about your services and how you’ll address their needs outlined in their RFP. The ability to hear what their needs are is important and the way you respond shows how well you listened.

At the Coley Group, we hear and we listen. Doing these two things will allow us to develop a response that highlights your competencies while putting your organization in the running for lucrative business opportunities.

Request for Proposal Services: RFP Writing & Consulting


With us, you’ll realize a competitive edge because we don’t just tell what your product or service does. No, we make sure the client understands what your product or service will do for them.

Can you save them money? Will you make them more efficient? How will you reduce costs? These are examples of the types of benefits you’ll need to be highlighted when you’re responding to an RFP.

We understand the person reading your response is very busy which is why we don’t play games or waste time with fluff. We answer directly with concise responses that address their concerns and form the basis for a new business relationship.

An RFP response represents an incredible opportunity for your business. When the time comes to develop yours, be sure you’ve partnered with a team like The Coley Group. A team that hears what your potential client needs and listens well enough to develop the right type of response. Make no confusion about it; both are important

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