How to Write a Marketing Plan

Business plans are filled with sections that outline the strategy for market entry or, expansion. The executive summary sets the stage, the financials outline growth, and the management section showcases the skill sets of key staff members. All of these sections are important and so too, is the marketing plan. The marketing plan is a strategic area that speaks to how your business will connect with your customer base and turn touches into sales. A business plan can’t live without a marketing plan so make sure yours has the following.

Top 4 Things Your Marketing Plan Must Have


1. Defined platforms:

It’s not enough to just say you’ll use a certain platform. No, make sure the readers understand those platforms and the roles they play in the implementation of your strategy. If you’re using social media, define the portals and give a brief synopsis of each. This will help everyone understand why they were chosen and the role they’ll play in your ongoing efforts.

2. Strategy :

Once you’ve listed the platforms – print, digital, viral, or whatever you choose, give the strategy behind them. How many times will you post on social media, which day, which day part, and how you’ll monitor results. How many print advertisements will you place in this publication and what role do the readers play in the success of your business?

3. Trends:

Readers will want to know that you’re attuned to the market and how it’s operating. They’ll want to know you understand the trends. The business world is constantly evolving and if you’re going to remain competitive, your marketing plan must do the same. Remaining stagnant is a recipe for disaster.

4. Implementation:

Last but certainly not least, your marketing plan must have a section dedicated entirely to implementation. Timelines, roles, and responsibilities must all be a part of the implementation schedule. Flexibility is a key, but before you can be flexible, you must have a plan.

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Marketing plans are a must for your business plan. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re operating in, if you don’t have a marketing plan, you’re selling yourself short. When the time comes to develop your strategic marketing plan and business plan, feel free to contact the remarkable team at the Coley Group.

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